Lent with the VCS

This year for the period of Lent and Holy Week leading up to Easter, we invite you to mark the season by exploring our selected daily commentaries (with accompanying audio) on works of art in dialogue with Bible passages. We hope these resources will help you experience the season in new and meaningful ways.

Our commentary reading programme has run Monday to Friday, from 22 February until Good Friday. Additional material is also included for Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.

Each week has the following format:

Mon: Video introducing Theme & Exhibition
Tues: Commentary 1
Weds: Commentary 2
Thurs: Commentary 3
Fri: Comparative Commentary

Ash Wednesday: Introduction

Week 1 (22–26 February): Covenant

Readings for 23–26 February


23 Feb24 Feb25 Feb26 Feb

Week 2 (1–5 March): Prophecy

Readings for 1–5 March


2 March

3 March

4 March



Week 3 Penitence (8–12 March)

Readings for 9–12 March


9 March10 March11 March12 March


Week 4 Promise of Resurrection (15–19 March)

Readings for 16–19 March


16 March17 March18 March19 March


Week 5 Lamentation (22–26 March)

Readings for 23–26 March


23 March24 March25 March26 March


Week 6 Crucifixion (Holy Week)

Holy Monday

Holy Tuesday

30 March

Holy Wednesday

31 March

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Good Friday

Holy Saturday

Easter Sunday

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