Lent 2022: Stations of the Cross

Church of Holy Sepulchre
Rotunda of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Rebuilt 1048, Jerusalem, © MFletcher

The Stations of the Cross

This year, we marked the season of Lent with our 'Stations of the Cross'. 

The VCS Stations of the Cross consisted of fourteen selected commentaries, each with audio and reflecting on a biblical passage in dialogue with a work of art.

We hope that these resources helped you experience the Bible and art in new and meaningful ways.


Station 1: Jesus is Condemned

Station 1


Station 2: He is Made to Bear His Cross

Station 2


Station 3: He Falls the First Time

Station 3


Station 4: He Meets His Mother

Station 4


Station 5: Simon of Cyrene is Made to Bear the Cross

Station 5


Station 6: Veronica Wipes Jesus's Face

Station 6


Station 7: He Falls the Second Time

Station 7


Station 8: The Women of Jerusalem Weep over Jesus

Station 8


Station 9: He Falls the Third Time

Station 9


Station 10: He is Stripped of His Garments

Station 10


Station 11: He is Nailed to the Cross

Station 11


Station 12: He Dies on the Cross

Station 12


Station 13: He is Taken Down from the Cross

Station 13


Station 14: He is Placed in the Sepulchre

Station 14