Unlocking Christian Art: Jesus Christ

Unlocking Christian art: Jesus Christ
Master of the House Book, The Last Supper, c.1480, © Museen zu Berlin, Gemäldegalerie / Christoph Schmidt

Unlocking Christian Art at the Bode-Museum and Gemäldegalerie, Berlin

We are delighted to present a series of films entitled ‘Unlocking Christian Art: Jesus Christ’.

These short films are the result of a partnership with the National Museums in Berlin. They tell the story of Jesus with the help of treasures from two of Germany’s greatest art museums: the Bode-Museum and the Gemäldegalerie.

Viewers will learn how to understand and enjoy some of Europe’s greatest works of Christian art, both sculpture and painting, as well as the texts that inspired them. Through deeper understanding these films encourage fresh interpretations and new insights.

Presented by VCS Director Professor Ben Quash and Deputy Director Dr Jennifer Sliwka.

Unlocking Christian Art: Jesus Christ


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Gemäldegalerie, Berlin

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