Pride Comes before a Fall

Obadiah 1:1–9

Works of art by David Bomberg, Unknown Nabataean artist, and Pierre-Paul Prud'hon
Commentaries by David Emanuel

Obadiah 1:1–9

Bible passage (Revised Standard Version)

1 The vision of Obadiʹah.

Thus says the Lord God concerning Edom:

We have heard tidings from the Lord,

and a messenger has been sent among the nations:

“Rise up! let us rise against her for battle!”

2Behold, I will make you small among the nations,

you shall be utterly despised.

3The pride of your heart has deceived you,

you who live in the clefts of the rock,

whose dwelling is high,

who say in your heart,

“Who will bring me down to the ground?”

4Though you soar aloft like the eagle,

though your nest is set among the stars,

thence I will bring you down,

says the Lord.

5If thieves came to you,

if plunderers by night—

how you have been destroyed!—

would they not steal only enough for themselves?

If grape gatherers came to you,

would they not leave gleanings?

6How Esau has been pillaged,

his treasures sought out!

7All your allies have deceived you,

they have driven you to the border;

your confederates have prevailed against you;

your trusted friends have set a trap under you—

there is no understanding of it.

8Will I not on that day, says the Lord,

destroy the wise men out of Edom,

and understanding out of Mount Esau?

9And your mighty men shall be dismayed, O Teman,

so that every man from Mount Esau will be cut off by slaughter.